American Horror Story Creator Confirms Massive Fan Theory About The Show

It involves hell and satan, typical

American Horror Story seasons Scary stuff Image Ryan Murphy/ FX

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy Just showed a lot of support for a fan theory that’s been around for awhile – Dante’s Inferno.

According to the International Business Times, when Murphy spoke to TV Guide this year about the upcoming seasons of his terrifying and hit show American Horror Story, he went into length about his obsession with reading fan theories. Which loaded can understand as we are also obsessed. There are some twisted geniuses out there.

Out of all the fan theories, he’s read, the one he’s most into and that might inform the future of the show is by RedHerry. In the theory, written on their website, they consider American Horror Story to mirror Dante’s nine circles of hell, with each season representing a theme.


Funnily enough, Murphy mentioned that there would probably only be nine seasons of the hit show.

He mentioned his love for RedHerry, “With American Horror Story I do like the Dante’s Inferno theory,” Ryan says.

“I have a theory about the show that I’ve never told anybody and probably won’t until it’s over, but that theory is a good one. I always learn a lot about my theory based on other people’s theories which is all I can say.”


AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW "Massacres and Matinees"- Episode 402 (Airs Wednesday, October 15, 10:00 PM e/p) --Pictured: John Carroll Lynch as Twisty the Clown. CR: Michele K. Short/FX


He went out to say he reads the theories obsessively, so keep writing fandom!

Which one of Dante’s circles do you think the sixth season was based on? We’re calling Violence; Roanoke was a mess.

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