Ryan Giggs and Cristiano Ronaldo once had a row over a can of coke

Things got violent over a fizzy drink...

Cristiana Ronald and Ryan Giggs
'No coke before bed either Cristiano' Ryan Giggs laying down the law to a future football superstar

Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs once formed half a lethal midfield that dominated the Premier League for years at Manchester United.

The Portuguese star, Ronaldo, was seen as a protégé of Ryan Giggs. Giggs was a superb left winger that had been around the block, while Ronaldo was the up-and-coming superstar that was seen as a long-term successor before the Portuguese headed off to sunnier climates at Real Madrid.

It turns out they weren’t always massively the best of buddies – in fact Ronaldo was reprimanded by Giggs for drinking a can of coke at breakfast.

According to footballer-turned-pundit Jan Aage Fjortoft, another member of the Manchester United team of that period, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, told Fjortoft of the story.

The story goes that Ronaldo was manhandled by Giggs when the Welsh winger spotted the new pup drinking a can of coke at breakfast, telling him ‘don’t ever do that again.’

No harm no foul, the pair went on to form a formidable partnership on the wings and they won a few trophies as well. 

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