Russia’s Kim Kardashian Teases That She Might Be Off The Market In Racy Instagram Post


Wedding Bells? Image Bryan DeWitt Anastasiya Kvitko

The pneumatic glamour model from Russia who claimed to be “more beautiful that Kim Kardashian,” has been setting pulses racing online after posing in a bridal looking negligee.

The post has got people speculating as to whether she’s now officially off the market: Who knows if she has a special someone? She’s keeping fans guessing.

Single or not, Anastasiya Kvitko has five million followers on Instagram, and her audience is only growing, thanks to her unbelievable curvaceous figure which she boasts is 100% natural.

The 22-year-old often posts pictures of herself in a swimsuit, thong or teeny shorts and thigh high boots. She also seems to be based in Miami and Los Angeles judging by the sunny scenes she’s often pictured in.

Swimsuit @cioccolatocollection by @eliyacioccolato

A photo posted by Anastasia Kvitko (@anastasiya_kvitko) on

She’s made headlines in the past thanks to her Kardashian comments and her plans to model her career after the bootylicious Kim.

Kvitko has also faced backlash due to many questioning the legitimacy of her form claiming she was once a flat chested, scrawny teenager with no boobs.


A photo posted by Anastasia Kvitko (@anastasiya_kvitko) on

But she’s ignoring the hate and focusing on her current circumstances which are bringing in the big bucks and heaps of attention from news outlets all over the world.

loaded thinks she’s a peach and should keep her chin up, or rest it on her giant cleavage if she’s a bit tired of doing that.

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