Russian Rat Burgers: The Fast Food Alternative Set To Take The World Cup By Storm

Nutria is a breed of river rat that also happens to be pretty tasty between two bits of bread.

The Nutria Rat

Meat-eating football fans could soon be tucking into an altogether different type of fast food at this summer’s World Cup in Russia: rat burgers.

And while the idea of chowing down on a bit of grilled rodent in between two bits of bread might not sound like everyone’s idea of a hearty meal, it’s actually a far more palatable prospect than some might expect.

The culinary creation of Krasnodar Bistro chef Takhir Kholikberdiev, the nutria burger is not your standard sewer rat in a bap.

For one thing, the nutria, or river rat, is huge, meaning it carries a hell of a lot more meat that most ordinary rodent-based foodstuffs.

It’s also a lot less grubby too.

Speaking to the Guardian, Kholikberdiev explained that the nutria is actually a “really clean animal” and a herbivore, meaning you are unlikely to catch the bubonic plague or any other kind of illness from eating one.

In fact, nutria burgers actually contain some surprisingly nutritional value, with the meat said to be high in omega-3 acids.

They also make for juicy, succulent burgers, with the meat capable of retaining more fluid than standard beef patties throughout the cooking process.

A Russian rat burger
A Rat Burger Looks quite tasty Image Krasnodar Bistro/Instagram

Predominantly found in southern Russia, nutria rats are also harvested for their fur also offers a cheap substitute to animal fur.

They aren’t just sold and eaten in burger form either, with nutria hot dogs and dumplings also highly recommended by locals with a taste for fast food of this kind.

It doesn’t come cheap though, with the average nutria burger setting you back roughly £6.80 or 550 roubles at the time of writing.

Described as tasting a cross between turkey and pork, with the nutria population growing at an incredible rate this could yet prove the breakout sensation of the World Cup.

Just don’t expect to see them popping up on the McDonald’s menu any time soon.

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