The sex-mad Russia striker England need to watch out for

Aleksandr Kokorin will be gagging for a goal against England on Saturday

Aleksandr Kokorin Cock her in, more like. Wait, that doesn't make sense.

When Russia face England in their Euro 2016 curtain raiser one man who could potentially be ‘up for it’ in more ways than one is Aleksandr Kokorin.

With three goals in 14 injury-hit league appearances for club side Zenit St Petersburg, the 25-year-old is not exactly in the best of form on the pitch.

However, it is off the pitch where England need to watch out with Kokorin boasting a reputation that has prompted more than a few wholly justified playground level cock-based puns involving the Zenit man’s surname.

Because Kokorin is sex mad and he does not seem to care who knows it.

The Russian’s love of the ladies first came to the public’s attention back in December 2014, when the striker was snapped enjoying a bit of ‘private time’ with not one but two semi-nude strippers who may or may not have been a little more than your average dancing topless ladies.

Image Sport RO

Part of an undercover report by Russian news publication Sport RO, the alleged orgy came at a time when Kokorin was supposed to be a long-term committed relationship.

The sex-mad striker’s obsession with skin-on-skin action has continued this season, with one porn star even offering Kokorin a very tempting incentive to get among the goals for Zenit.

Alina Eremenko, who goes by the on-screen name Alina Henessy, is clearly a fan of the St Petersburg club and, knowing the striker’s preferences, struck up a deal during an interview on Russian TV.

Kokorin scoring an actual goal Aleksandr Kokorin strikes against Czech Republic.

“If before the end of the championship Alexander Kokorin scores five goals I promise to hold a 16-hour sex marathon with him as a thank you,” she said in quotes carried by The Daily Star.

Kokorin ultimately came up, ahem, short but score against England at Stade Velodrome and Eremenko may just be waiting for him when Russia do finally return from France.

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