Rose McGowan’s nipple-less breasts have got people talking

The Scream actress looks to have returned to her horror movie roots.

Rose McGowan posing for a picture.
Rose McGowan's latest stunt But what does it all mean?

Rose McGowan appears to have successfully circumvented Instagram’s “no nipples’ policy by posting a digitally altered topless picture of her breasts online.

In a bold move, the 43-year-old decided to showcase her mammary glands, minus nipples, which appear to have been photo-shopped out of the picture, areola and all.

Quite what this all means, however, is unclear.

Posted alongside the caption “Who’s collecting millionsis kid #CURE #Boots”, the comments are evidently a reference to The Cure song of the same name.

Who's collecting millionsis kid #CURE #Boots

A photo posted by Rose McGowan (@rosemcgowan) on

An established activist in the Hollywood community, McGowan’s post could have some political leanings.

After all, the lyrics to the song Boots focus on a group of people seemingly making millions from having the cure to the very ailments they are, in turn, causing.

Is McGowan’s post therefore some sort of satire on big corporations and the US health service as a whole? Perhaps.

The actress, who is known for films like Scream and her work on the hit series Charmed, has never been afraid to speak her mind on social media.

Most recently, for example, she rewrote a CNN article on convicted rapist Brock Turner, following his early release for good behaviour, citing “rich, white, male privilege” as the reason behind the decision.

McGowan will next appear in psychological thriller Lower Bayer alongside Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd.

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