Rory who? Caroline Wozniacki gets painted up for Sports Illustrated

Tennis ace has put her engagement breakdown with Rory McIlroy well and truly behind her.

Caroline Wozniacki
A dish best served hot Caroline on the beach. Image Picture Sports Illustrated

She was a lady we all felt sorry for when golfer Rory McIlroy called off their wedding after the invitations were already sent out, but Caroline Wozniacki is having the last laugh if these images are anything to go by.

The tennis player showed off her supreme form in a painted on swimsuit for Sports Illustrated this week.

Following in the steps of Gigi Hadid and Ronda Rousney, Wozniacki posed beachside for the Swimsuit 2015 edition of the mag which hits shelves on Monday.

Caroline Wozniacki
Surf's up Caroline in her painted on swimsuit.

And she showed dedication to the cause by posing for a mindnumbing 15 hours which the intricate details of the swimsuit were painted onto her body.

The 25-year-old Danish sports star, who is ranked number 19 in the world, admitted that sitting through nearly a full day of painting was a challenge, saying: “It’s been a long night so far, but it is going well, and I think this suit looks amazing and they are not even done yet.”

Caroline Wozniacki
Won't that ruin the paintwork? Caroline takes a dip.

And the athletic blonde added that the end result was worth it.

“I have never done anything like this before, so it makes it very special,” she said. “Knowing what an incredible suit I have on right now, and we are in the most beautiful place here so I am sure the photos are going to be amazing.”

Wozniacki travelled to Petit St. Vincent in the Grenadine islands to do the shoot.

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