Ronda Rousey’s Backstage WWE Debut Was All Kinds Of Awkward

Ronda Rousey’s Backstage WWE Debut Was All Kinds Of Awkward

Ronda Rousey UFC
Ronda Rousey The UFC star and future... Image Matthew Stockman/Getty

Ronda Rousey’s first backstage appearance at the WWE Mae Young Classic offered up a stark reminder that there is way more to modern wrestling than simply pretending to fight someone.

Rousey, who only recently got married, featured in a backstage confrontation with Charlotte Flair, Bailey and Becky Lynch.

The former UFC bantamweight champion was flanked by two of the Four Horsewomen of wrestling during the encounter – Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. (No one is saying they look like horses FYI. It’s a wrestling thing)

On hand to support fellow ex-UFC star Shayna Baszler in the all-female tournament, Rousey has yet to step inside the ring but was able to star in this short scripted sequence that saw the two groups of women butting heads.


Rousey took centre stage, of course, dropping her handbag in stilted fashion before offering up the following warning to their aggressors:

“You name the time, you name the place. … Oh, not today? We’re waiting to hear from you.”

To say that the encounter and Rousey’s performance was awkward would be an understatement: Rousey appeared to be struggling to hold back the giggles and looked far from her usual tough-as-nails self in the painfully slow sequence.

It was odd to see Rousey looking so wooden too, given how well she performed in Fast and Furious 7, albeit as a silent henchwoman.

Perhaps it is better to reserve judgment for when Rousey enters the ring – it is rumoured she is being lined up to appear in a four-way match at Survivor Series this November.

Rousey will no doubt bring plenty of physicality to any match – now she just needs to get to grips with the backstage business.

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