The WWE star and UFC legend is fully prepared for Doomsday.


Ronda Rousey Thinks The End Of The World Is Coming – But She’s Ready

By Jack Beresford

April 30, 2018

Ronda Rousey reckons the world could be about to end, but the good news – for Ronda at least – is that she’s ready for it. Even if the rest of us aren’t.

The former UFC favourite and current WWE superstar revealed that she and husband Travis Browne have been prepping for Armageddon during a recent appearance alongside filmmaker Peter Berg at Wildcard West boxing gym in LA.

Rousey currently resides on a large rural property out in Southern California, away from the spotlight and some of the modern conveniences of our increasingly technological society.

The former mixed martial artist and 2008 Olympic judo bronze medalist now lives with husband Travis Browne on a large property in rural Southern California, where they have a lifestyle largely independent from modern conveniences.

“I am a big doomsday prepper,” she said in quotes carried by USA Today “I think of it as a very positive outlook on the world. Some people think it is negative. But I think as a self proclaimed genetic cream of the crop such as I am, I owe it to humanity to survive the end of the world. It’s my responsibility.

“Instead of my apocalypse plan being a handle of alcohol and maybe tears, which is a lot of people’s plan, I’m like, I’m going to make it. If anyone’s going to make it, I’m going to make it.”

Not only does Rousey raise chickens at her California home, but she also has a steer and some goats – describing the latter as “the perfect doomsday animal”.

A keen environmentalist and someone evidently happy to shun the limelight when she can, Rousey also revealed she strives to be independent and live off the land as much as possible and

“I think that self reliance and independence is real freedom. We forgo our freedom for convenience a lot of the time. It is more important for people to know how to feed themselves than to know how to do trigonometry,” she said.

“A lot of these skills that were common place, every generation we know less and less an less about them because it makes people money for us not to know. Every single person in here their survival plan is a grocery store. If all the grocery stores closed, what would you do. That’s a scary thought.”

Rousey was appearing alongside Berg ahead of the release of Mile 22, the film they have been collaborating on along with Mark Wahlberg.

The action thriller stars Wahlberg as an elite American intelligence officer and his attempts at moving a police officer with sensitive information out of a foreign country.

Mile 22 is set to be released this August.