The Rolling Stones to Pamela Anderson: 11 Crash Bandicoot facts that are strange but true

Everything you never knew about the Playstation star who is set for a comeback

Crash Bandicoot is back And loaded has been finding out more about the Playstation phenomenon

With Crash Bandicoot making his long-awaited return in the latest Skylanders game, Loaded decided it was high time someone looked back at the Playstation phenomenon that redefined the platform game genre for a whole generation of button bashers.

Originally developed by Naughty Dog back in 1996, the game went on to spawn no fewer than 17 spin-off and sequel games involving everything from puzzle solving to go-kart racing.

For now though, Loaded is taking a look back at the original and a few rather unusual details you may have missed.


Sonic the Hedgedog Loaded

During the early development, Crash carried the code-name “Sonic’s Ass Game’ due to the fact that the third-person perspective forced players to look at the backside of the main character.



Originally named Willy the Wombat, the characters habit of destroying crates eventually led to the name “Crash Bandicoot” being adopted.



The crates, which were a popular part of the original titles, were actually only introduced as a means of filling some of the empty space in level maps while also giving players something fun to do.


FotorCreatedVoice actor Brendan O’Brien voiced the part of Crash in all of the games produced by original game creators Naughty Dog.



Josh Mancell, who counts Kid Rock among his real-life cousins, composed the music for the Crash Bandicoot.


Jumping_Flash!_-_1995_-_Sony_Computer_EntertainmentThough Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario 64 may both lay claim to being the first 3D platform game, the Guinness World Record for the “first platform video game in true 3D” actually belongs to another Playstation title “Jumping Flash!”


Pamela Anderson Playboy

The look of Crash’s girlfriend, Tawna, in the original game was actually based on Pamela Anderson with Tawna possessing the same,er, assets as the blonde bombshell.



Unfortunately, this rather adult appearance resulted in Tawna being removed from the follow-up games with Sony uncomfortable with her sexy look.


Nitrus Brio Crash Bandicoot Loaded

The names of villains Dr Neo Cortex and Dr Nitrus Brio (or N. Brio) are both actually clever plays on words. Do you see it yet?


The Rolling Stones are set for their first covers album
A first for the Stones The Rolling Stones are set for their first covers album after 52 years.

Bizarrely the level “Rolling Stones” was actually named in tribute to the band of the same name.



It is estimated that around 40 million Crash Bandicoot games have been sold, globally.

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