Rogue One Director Explains How Starbucks Inspired The Movie

The one good time Starbucks messed up a name...

Starbucks is the gift that keeps on giving... Star Wars Image WTVD

Star Wars writers have a knack for original names, but one in particular came from a very unexpected place.

The planet Scarif plays a pivotal role in the plot of Rogue One; it housed the imperial facility where the plans for Vader’s Death Star were stored and it’s also where Darth Vader killed our heroes, who were intent on making the ultimate sacrifice. 

Also, its name is pretty interesting and has a strange, coffee-based origin. Rogue One director Gareth Edwards told the crowd at an SXSW keynote address that the word Scarif came from Starbucks and its famous penchant for fucking up everyone’s name…

Gareth Edwards Image (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Disney)

Story goes, he went to order a coffee and gave his name Gareth to the barista; naturally, they came up with another random option. When they yelled out “Scarif” not only did Edwards get a venti latte, he also received a pile of inspiration. During a meeting that day for the film, he was asked what they should call the planet in question, to which he replied, “I just slid the coffee cup … it’s called Scarif.”

We’re not sure if the barista knew what they did, or how much they impacted cinema by messing up the director’s name. They might have just been following the rules, per an alleged Starbucks “wrong name” conspiracy theory, which claims that employees purposely get your name wrong, so you’ll upload a picture to social media for free marketing. Either way, this is one mess up for the books.

Image Wookiepedia

Though a coffee isn’t the oddest inspiration for something out of Star Wars, apparently the unique shape of the Millennium Falcon came from a half-eaten cheeseburger and olive next to it.

Genius comes from unexpected places, like Starbucks.

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