Roger Moore’s 9 Most Incredible Quotes Of All Time

Whether he was your favourite Bond or not, he was pretty entertaining...

Roger Moore's autobiography Shaken Not Stirred
Raising eyebrows Roger Moore's autobiography cover Shaken Not Stirred. Image Peter Ruck/BIPs/Getty Images

Sir Roger Moore, the man and legend who brought James Bond to life in seven Bond films including Live and Let Die, A View To Kill and Octopussy died at the age of 89.

The actor and humanitarian whose tireless work with UNICEF were considered his “greatest achievement” was also known for possessing a sharp sense of humour.

To celebrate his life, loaded has compiled some of his funniest and wittiest retorts throughout his time on earth.

Rest well, Mr. Bond.


roger moore
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“I’m the worst Bond, according to the internet. Generally hated!” 


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“I’m a little devil.”


roger moore
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“You can either grow old gracefully or begrudgingly. I chose both.”



roger moore
007 Museum

“I never liked guns, I hate them, I always blink before they go off.”



Roger Moore and Jane Seymour in Live and Let Die
Live and Let Die Roger Moore and Jane Seymour in Live and Let Die Image MGM/United Artists/Eon

“I speak relatively little, except when I’m at home and I’m asking for things.”



Roger Moore
The 007 Legend He turns 88 years old today Image Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

“I enjoy being a highly overpaid actor.”



roger moore

“My acting range has always been something between the two extremes of ‘raises left eyebrow’ and ‘raises right eyebrow.'”



roger moore

“I’ve learnt that through life you just get on with it. You’re going to meet a lot of dishonest people along the line and you say good luck to them. I hope they live in comfort. Then I start sticking more pins in their effigies.”



roger moore

“Of course I do my own stunts. And I also do my own lying.”


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