Stallone Gives Fans First Glimpse Of Rocky And Ivan Drago In Creed II Poster

The mother of all (fictional) rematches could be on the way.

Sylvester Stallone has given Rocky fans their first taste of Creed II with a poster featuring the Italian Stallion, Michael B. Jordan and big bad Dolph Lundgren.

The film will see Jordan’s Adonis Johnson going up against the son of Lundgren’s character Ivan Drago in the mother of all grudge matches.

It’s was Drago, after all, who killed Adonis’ father, Apollo Creed, in Rocky IV. That death convinced the Italian Stallion, Rocky Balboa (Stallone) to return to the ring to defeat Drago and, according to the film, seemingly end the cold war.

The first Creed film saw Adonis establish himself as a boxing force to be reckoned with, helped by the training and mentorship of Rocky.

Fight time …FANPOSTER!!! Not official #creed 2 #healthylifestyle #rockybalboa1976

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He’ll be going up against one hell of a beast though in the form of Drago’s son, Viktor Drago.

Real-life Romanian boxer Florian Munteanu has been cast in the role of Viktor and strikes a mean pose in the role of Creed II’s antagonist in chief.

He’ll have Lundgren in his corner though and there’s still a sneaking suspicion that Drago Sr. could yet step back in the ring to settle a few scores with Rocky.

This is going to be a WAR! #mgm #creed2 #rockybalboa1976

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Both actors have been busy getting in shape for the film, sparking suggestions that they could be preparing for some in-the-ring action.

In any case, the film is shaping up nicely despite losing Creed director Ryan Coogler, who has been busy working on Black Panther alongside Jordan.

Shooting a commercial with Dolph today… Getting ready for working with the big man in CREED 2

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Rumours are also rife that Creed II could mark Stallone’s final appearance as Balboa, with the Oscar-winner previously hinting at a possible departure on social media.

Will Drago be the one to end Balboa’s career, once and for all, in the ring? Remember Ivan’s old mantra: “If he dies, he dies.”

Creed II is due to arrive in cinemas on November 21, 2018. It really can’t come soon enough.

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