The Rock Battles Giant Gorillas, Wolves And Alligators In Epic Rampage Trailer

Ever wanted to see Dwayne Johnson deck an albino silverback gorilla? Now’s your chance.

The Rock Image Midway

Dwayne Johnson goes up against a giant albino silverback gorilla, one scary looking wolf and a huge alligator in the first trailer for the upcoming big screen adaptation of Rampage.

The film, which is based on the popular video game series of the same name, is due for release in April 2018 just a month after Alicia Vikander’s highly-anticipated Tomb Raider reboot.

In the Rampage video games, players took control of one of three giant monsters tasked with destroying a nearby city while dodging attacks from the military forces on hand.

The film looks set follow a similar approach with Johnson playing primatologist Davis Okoye, who is enlisted to help stop a group of genetically modified monsters.

He’s joined by Naomie Harris’ disgraced genetic engineer Dr. Kate Caldwell as they attempt to stop a giant, genetically modified, wolf, an equally huge alligator (wait until the end) and Okoye’s friend, the albino gorilla, George.

“It’s got the biggest monsters, the biggest action and my biggest co-star ever!” Johnson wrote in a Facebook post promoting the new film. “George is my best friend and also happens to be a MASSIVE albino gorilla. He’ll show you a thing or two about destruction.”

The trailer sees George and his wolf companion create havoc and looks pretty spectacular in scope – hardly a shock when you consider Johnson has reteamed with San Andreas director Brad Peyton for this.

Malin Akerman is the film’s principal villain and the woman responsible for turning all of the animals into monsters, while Joe Manganiello and Jeffrey Dean Morgan also look set to serve as antagonists on the movie.

Will it all be enough to break thee video game movie curse though?

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