Rock DJ! Spanish third tier side reveals Robbie Williams inspired kit

CF Palencia are evidently big fans of the ‘seminal’ album Sing When You Are Winning

Williams is the worst Robbie has been back in the headlines. Image Ian Gavan/Getty Images

These days, it is rare for Robbie Williams to inspire anything other than disgust and derision but Spanish third-tier side CF Palencia clearly remain firm fans of the prat king of pop.

In fact, they love Williams’ work so much they have gone and unveiled a kit seemingly inspired by everyone’s least favourite member of Take That – or at least that is what it looks like.

Already dubbed the ‘most shocking in history’, the new inside out kit designed by Kappa immediately had alarm bells ringing in the Loaded office.


And it was only on closer inspection and via some quick research work on YouTube that we realised it is an exact copy of the costume worn by Robbie Williams in the music video to “Rock DJ”.

In the accompanying clip, Williams decides to tear off his own flesh in a bid to gain the attention of several women participating in the world’s worst roller disco.

A controversial video at the time – it didn’t get played on Top of the Pops because back then they were still a bastion of moral integrity – the new kit is a hark back to a simpler time in music.

Coming in the days before Rude Box, it also fires up memories of a time when Williams ruled the charts with Mr Blobby-esque dance numbers and swing albums.

Boasting all the familiar bones and muscles found in the human body and spread across the shirt and shorts, the kit will be used in the third division play-offs, with CF Palencia gunning for a place in Segunda B.

Meanwhile, any Robbie fans looking to find a shirt boast the kind of suave look sported by Williams during the time of his “I’ve Been Expecting You” album could opt for this tuxedo effort.


Worn by fellow third-tier Spanish side Cultural Leonesa back in 2015, it’s clear that someone in the lower reaches of the game is a fan of Williams. Well, someone has to be.

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