District 9 ‘s Neill Blomkamp Is Resurrecting RoboCop For Reboot With A Twist

The reboot is based on a sequel written by the original writers in the 1980s.

Peter Weller as Robocop.

RoboCop, the cinematic cyborg lawman known for shooting suspects in the dick and dealing with bad guys in the bloodiest way possible, is making a comeback.

According to a report from Deadline, MGM is moving forward with plans for a new chapter in the ultra-violent sci-fi franchise.

But anyone worried that this new entry will be a continuation of the disappointing Joel Kinnaman-fronted reboot need not worry.

This RoboCop redo will be something of a return to the franchise’s roots, based on a sequel written by the Ed Neumeier and Michael back in the 1980s.

A writer’s strike the year after RoboCop’s premiere put paid to the sequel plans, with the script left languishing for decades in the years since.

Neumeier told loaded about the script in an interview earlier this year:

“We wanted to make the sequel about a future where there were wars between billionaire tech giants for the soul of the human race. We wanted to explore the idea of people potentially living forever and what that would mean. Robocop was going to be caught in the middle of all this.”

Peter Weller as Robocop.
Robocop The original and best.

However, it was only when Neill Blomkamp got his hands on the script that the project finally got off the ground.

Best known for District 9, Elysium and Chappie, Blomkamp has carved out something of a niche when it comes to striking science fiction filmmaking.

He’s, therefore, the perfect candidate to try and resurrect RoboCop and deliver what has been lacking from the franchise for so long – a decent sequel.

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