A Man Was Arrested For Robbing Vending Machines Dressed As Everyone’s Favourite Wookie

Why not Darth Vader?

Finn, Chewie and Han find themselves in trouble. Image Picture courtesy of Disney Lucas Films

A man dressed as a Wookie from Star Wars was arrested in Florida for robbing from two vending machines he used to maintain.

According to Smoking Gun, 56-year-old Darren Pickrem stole more than $600 from two machines owned by Florida Fresh Vending, whom he previously worked for. He was fired from the company two months ago.   

His felony report indicates that he was caught on the security cameras for an office building in Pinellas county, Florida. Apparently, Pickrem walked right up to the vending machines in full costume, exposing his face at one point while ransacking a “kiosk pay station.” He turned the machines around and somehow accessed the cash.

An employee at the building identified the Chewbacca as Pickrem claiming, “she saw him on a daily basis for nearly two years.”

No word yet on why he chose the wookiee costume as a disguise.

Originally from Canada and a former hockey star, Pickrem has a daughter who is continuing the family legacy in athletics and is a decorated swimmer with a bronze medal from the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships.

Where’s Han Solo when you need him, right?

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