The one surprising thing Robbie Williams has banned from his tour

Perhaps a little less partying like a Russian?

Robbie Williams
His High-ness Image Picture Island/Universal

Pop star Robbie Williams has enforced a booze ban upon his band ahead of all their upcoming gigs to promote his new album The Heavy Entertainment Show.

Williams, who was known to be a bit of a booze hound back in his heyday, is teetotal himself these days after a couple of stints in rehab.

According to The Mirror, the ban itself is only in effect on gig days and Robbie has no concerns about the band hitting the bottle on their days off.

It’s not exactly an uncommon practice for a lead performer to enforce this type of ban on their band, especially one who has had problems with booze in the past. Williams will be all to aware of the effects alcohol can have on stage performance.

Robbie’s newest single Party Like a Russian is struggling to make an impact, so far only peaking at number 68 on the UK Singles Chart.

It’s easy to understand why the former Take That member will be keen to take measures to ensure the band is performing with a clear head when they come to promote the album.

The single has also got Robbie banned from Russia – with Russian media currently claiming the singer will never perform in the country again.

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