Exclusive: Rizzle Kicks make “really fun” new album and Harley writes a film

Harley’s also making a solo album under an alias…

RIzzle Kicks' Jordan Stephens and Harley Alexander-Sule in concert
Kicking out again Rizzle Kicks are bringing the fun back on their new album. Image Picture Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Rizzle Kicks have almost completed their new album, after taking 18 months off because “We were fucking knackered”.

Rappers Harley Alexander-Sule and Jordan Stephens have both been working on solo projects, with Alexander-Sule’s rock-influenced Jimi Charles Moody alias releasing new single House Of Moody on Febraury 12.

Rizzle Kicks will return “soon”, Alexander-Sule told Loaded.

“The new album is great, really fun,” said Alexander-Sule. “We’ve taken the Rizzles back to how we were when we started. We never lost sight of who we are or what we love to make. But we’ve gone ‘Oh yeah, that’s why we make Rizzle Kicks!’”

The duo’s previous album, 2013’s Roaring 20s, was more serious than their debut, 2011’s Stereo Typical. Alexander-Sule said: “There’s some fun, silly songs on the new record.

“But there are some deep songs on there too, songs which are more heartfelt. But overall, really this record is a lot of fun. It feels a good moment for us again. It’s time for us to slot back in.”

Alexander-Sule’s alias of Jimi Charles Moody is named after Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles and feeling that the as-yet-unfinished album has a moody sound. It began three years ago when Alexander-Sule tried to make a jazz album. That mutated into making a rock album, then a blues album and he’s now written 20 songs combining the three styles.

Alexander-Sule initially released Moody’s music anonymously, before revealing his true identity in December.

Rizzle Kicks' Harley Alexander-Sule in his Jimi Charles Moody guise
Mean and Moody Harley Alexander-Sule will play his concerts as Jimi Charles Moody in this masked persona.

The 24-year-old has also written his first film, with his flatmate Ben Smallwood who oversees Jimi Charles Moody’s artwork.

The untitled film is set in the 1980s and is based on Alexander-Sule’s own experiences in the music industry.

“I’ve heavily exaggerated them,” Alexander-Sule emphasised. “But I’ve drawn experiences from my career and influences from my life and put them in a movie.”

He added that there has been “quite a lot of interest” in the script, which is on its third draft.

“This third draft is basically a complete rewrite,” Alexander-Sule explained. “The film people were saying ‘But we like that draft!’, but me and Ben were going ‘But we don’t…’

“We’ve become much better scriptwriters in the two years we’ve been writing this film. You look back on the script and say ‘Why would this character say that? We can think of a much better sentence here now.’”

There will be a full interview with Alexander-Sule on Loaded next month.

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