Rita Ora Thinks Vogue’s ‘Cleavage Is Dead’ Claim Is A load Of Rubbish

2017 is the year of 'embracing the cleavage’ guys.

Rita OraImage Picture courtesy of Tezenis

There have been countless talking points from 2016, but if you’re involved in the world of fashion, there was only one moment that really mattered.

Followers of fashion and showbiz everywhere were split after Vogue declared that ‘cleavage is officially over’ back in October, and the comments sparked thousands of disapproving posts on social media.

Singer and model Rita Ora has now offered her thoughts on the matter and, as you might expect, she doesn’t share the same opinion.

We all know Rita’s a big fan of the cleavage, after she showed when she posed for a stunning lingerie shoot earlier this year, so what’s she got to say about Vogue’s controversial claim?

“Cleavage is beautiful,” she told The Sun.

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“I never really was a trend follower, I’m more of a trend setter so I don’t listen to things like that,” she added.

So there you have it. Don’t believe the nonsense you read – cleavage isn’t over yet, and Rita Ora is going to make sure it not only survives, but thrives in 2017.

The comments cap off a pretty eventful year for Rita. The singer disappointed a lot of telly fans after leaving BBC series The Voice earlier this year, but the UK’s loss turned out to be the US’s gain.

The singer quickly landed a role on the new-look America’s Next Top Model judging panel alongside Ashley Graham.

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