Rita Ora Targeted By Angry Conor McGregor Fans After Cosying Up To MMA Star

The pop star posed for “date night” pictures alongside the married father-of-one.

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Rita Ora is getting no love from MMA fans on Twitter after cosying up for a series of seemingly innocent photographs alongside Conor McGregor.

The pair met at the Fashion Awards in London and quickly hit it off, with Ora eventually capturing their encounter via a couple of photographs posted for posterity on Twitter.

It was then that the 27-year-old made her first mistake though, captioning the images of them together “Date night @TheNotoriousMMA”.

The Rita Ora tweet.
The offending tweet. Really? What was the problem? Image Twitter/Rita Ora

That was enough for some people online, who have since laid into the singer for seemingly getting a little too close to McGregor, whose long-term girlfriend Dee Devlin and new born baby son Conor Jr. were at home that evening.

Ora is getting no love online whatsoever with most seemingly distrustful of her motives, labelling her exactly the sort of woman to steal someone else’s man, which seems like a ridiculous overreaction to us.

Most seem more annoyed at the fact she has labelled the picture “date night” despite McGregor already being coupled up. There also seems to be an outpouring of sympathy for Devlin at having to see the images. It’s all very strange.

The pair certainly look very couple-y but, as we all well know, looks can definitely be deceiving. Rita is actually in a relationship with musician Andrew Watts, who she has been dating since October last year. In fact, the couple were spotted partying until around 4am.

None of that has stopped some fans online from suggesting Ora may actually be the infamous “Becky with the hair” who allegedly had an extra-marital affair with Jay-Z.

It’s all a bit much for us though. We might just go for a lie down and wait for this one to blow over.

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