RIP Kimbo Slice: 5 videos you need to watch

We Celeberate the best of MMA star Kimbo Slice.

Kimbo Slice
RIP Kimbo Slice has died at the age of 42.

“The King of Web Brawlers”, better known as Kimbo Slice has sadly passed away at the age of 42. Hospitalised early Monday morning, he later died of natural causes with no foul play announced.

Kimbo was the underground street fighting sensation who caught the world-wide-web by storm – this led to UFC president, Dana White, promptly bringing him into the reality show The Ultimate Fighter Season 10.

In his first recorded bust-up, Kimbo earned the nick-name ‘Slice’ by literally slicing open the eye of his opponent, Big D.

Despite his shortcomings in the ring/cage, Kimbo is a street legend. Here’s a look back at his top street fights that took the net by storm. 


Kimbo Slice Vs ‘Big Dee’ Byrd

Kim’s first recorded fight was in the pre-Octogan days – grass replaced spring canvasses and there are hazards lurking all around. “Watch out for the metal thing,” someone yells out.


Best Of Kimbo Slice vs Afropuff & Big Mac

Kimbo had Afropuff and Big Mac for breakfast. Afropuff certainly had business being there and Big Mac definitely lived up to his nickname.


Street Fights – Kimbo Slice v The Bouncer 

Garage or no garage, I’m just gonna play dead.


Kimbo Slice v Dreads

A dreadful day at the office 


What the heck, let us just chuck them all in with a fight mix 

RIP Kimbo Slice. Thanks for bringing it.

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