Something Unexpected Happened In Rihanna’s Bates Motel Shower Scene

We didn't see that coming...

Rihanna in Bates Motel
Rihanna in Bates Motel Image A&E

Rihanna just recreated arguably one of the most iconic scenes in cinema history on Bates Motel, but this time things played out a little differently.


Rihanna has been starring in the TV series as Marion Crane, the role originally played by Janet Leigh in the Hitchcock film Psycho and Anne Heche in the shot-for-shot Gus Van Sant remake.

In both movies, Marion is famously stabbed to death in the shower. However, Bates Motel has flipped that on its head since we see a naked Rihanna hopping out the shower fully alive muttering “screw this shit,” in true Rih fashion. All while Norman Bates is ogling her through a peep hole. 


The A&E series has been tracing the steps of Norman Bates over the last five seasons and fans of Hitchcock, and the show have been waiting patiently for that shower scene, which they got, just not with a dead Marion Crane.

Instead, with some serious gender swapping, they killed her philandering boyfriend; Sam Loomis played by Austin Nichols.

Previously we saw Rihanna cringing at the sex scenes between her and Nichols in a hilarious video clip; it seems she won’t have to worry about that anymore.


Norman Bates chooses to let Marion go but not before revealing that Sam has a wife at home, a fact unbeknownst to Crane. Rihanna leaves with a suitcase full of money, driving off into the night.

Meanwhile Nichols’ character Sam turns up at Bates Motel looking for Marion, he gets a room for the evening and unfortunately decides to freshen up.

Finally, the fans got their shower scene, but with a very different victim. Can’t say he didn’t have it coming.

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