Ricky Gervais Gives Zero F**ks About Matador Gored To Death By Bull

Ivan Fandino passed away at the age of just 36 after being gored to death.

The bullfighter Fandino.
Fandino the bullfighter Ricky Gervais had little sympathy Image Getty.

Ricky Gervais has offered up a less-than-sympathetic response to the news of matador Ivan Fandino’s passing after being gored to death at a bullfighting event in France.

Fandino died in hospital after tripping on his cape at the Aire-sur-l-Adour bullfighting festival.

The Spaniard, who had earlier cut off a bull’s ear during a fight, suffered a punctured lung and other fatal internal injures as a result of the error, and was rushed to hospital from the event covered in blood.

Fandino’s death prompted an outpouring of emotion in his native Spain, with the country’s royal family among those to pay tribute to the star.

Fandino bullfight.
Fandino under attack The moment the bullfighter was caught Image Getty

One man who won’t be offering his condolences any time soon is Gervais.

An passionate animal rights activist, Gervais took to Twitter to criticise the continued practice of bullfighting in Spain and had short-shrift for those lamenting Fandino’s passing.

Sharing a link to the Guardian’s story on Fandino’s death, Gervais including the caption “Beautiful tortured bull defends itself.”

It sparked a debate among his followers, many of whom agreed with The Office creator’s take on the story.

Aitor Iruretagoyena felt differently though, tweeting at Gervais:

“You are just an evil person .. he was just doing his legal job .. sure you´re also happy when a butcher dies .. Animalist: dangerous people”

Gervais was having none of it, directly tweeting back the following response:

“The bull was just doing his legal job too…being a fucking bull. The Bull was just better at his job than the cunt dressed like Liberace.”

The writer and comedian regularly tweets on the topic of animal rights and has previously hit out at the practice of bullfighting and other forms of animal cruelty across the world.

A sport still watched by some six million people in Spain, bullfighting was previously banned by the Catalan government back in 2010 but Spain’s top court overturned that decision last year, leaving organisers free to run the events.

Fandino’s death may yet reignite debate over the practice, following a recent rally in Madrid calling for a ban.

It’s also the latest in a string of matador outings gone awry. Earlier this year, one matador suffered serious injuries to his sphincter after being gored, anally, while another suffered serious facial injuries as a result of an encounter gone wrong. 

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