Richard Thorncroft: An Exclusive Chat With The Man Behind The Mindhorn

What happened to the Isle of Mann’s second best export? Behind the TT Races of course.

Julian Barratt as Mindhorn.
Mindhorn The man behind the eyepatch Image Studio Canal

Back in the 1980s there was a cop with a mind so sharp, it was a… horn.

The toughest lawman to ever walk the Isle of Man, Mindhorn was a detective with one big difference – the ability to beam supersonically into a criminal’s mind to see through their lies, using a special hi-tech scanner in place of his left eye used to be.

That, and a certain way with the ladies, made him one of the most beloved TV cops of his or any other time. Including Bergerac. Yeah, you read that right, John Nettles.

In any case, when Mindhorn came to an abrupt end, the man behind the Mindhorn, Richard Thorncroft, set off for Hollywood – though not before insulting his former castmates and the entire Isle of Man during an ill-advised appearance on Wogan.

15 years on, loaded caught up with Thorncroft to see what he’d been up to – aside from those dreadful adverts for those dodgy orthopaedic socks.

What’s the one question he always gets from fans? Why does he do those naff ads and what’s next in the pipeline?

Here’s what Thorncroft had to say for himself on all those topics and more:

Mindhorn, starring The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barratt, is in cinemas now and is bloody fantastic.

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