Richard E. Grant’s significant role in Wolverine movie revealed

The English thespian won’t be Mr Sinister but will play role in Hugh Jackman’s exit.

Richard E Grant in Wolverine
Richard E Grant and Logan The English actor is set for a major role. Image Fox

Richard E. Grant will not be taking on the role of Mister Sinister in Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine, but he will still play a significant part in proceedings.

Previous reports had suggested the iconic X-Men villain was set to appear in the film.

Grant had emerged as the front-runner for the role, having signed on to play an unspecified scientist in the new film.

With Mister Sinister known for harvesting strength and powers from his fellow mutants via experimentation, it seemed logical that he would follow fellow British thespians like Ian McKellen and Alfred Molina with a turn as one of Marvel’s major villains.

Grant’s case was further strengthened when Boyd Holbrook, who is also due to appear in the film, was revealed to be playing Donald Pierce.


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The head of security for Transigen, in the comics Pierce’s character is the leader of a group of murderous cyborgs known as the Reavers.

However, Mister Sinister may now not feature at all with The Wrap exclusively reporting several key details from the new film.

According to a close insider the film will see Wolverine take on Transigen, a government organisation intent on turning mutant children into killing machines.

He eventually begins mentoring a young girl named Laura, who several fans believe to be X-23 another mutant who, like Logan, has healing powers along with super strength, speed, reflexes and, of course, bone claws.


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This is where Grant comes in, with the British actor taking on the role of Dr Zander Rice, according to the report.

Surgical head of the X-23 project, Zander is the brains behind Transigen and could set in motion the events that ultimately see Wolverine pass on his superhero responsibilities to a younger, female equivalent – something that has been long-rumoured.

There may yet be hope for Grant as Mister Sinister though, with sources refusing to rule out a post-credits sequence.

Could Grant segue from one villain to the next? Stranger things have happened in comic book movie making.

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