Rhian Sugden: “Somebody Tried To Prank Me By Scattering Dildos All Over My Driveway”

Rhian Sugden
Rhian Sugden The loaded legend Image Instagram/rhiansuggers

Rhian Sugden is something approaching loaded royalty and in these increasingly precarious times, it’s nice to see her branching out into some exciting new avenues – like sex toys.

Sudgen is so much more than just a pretty face though and after launching her own range of sex toys and BDSM gear online loaded thought it was the perfect time to catch up with the Bury-born stunner to discuss Celebrity Big Brother, Baywatch auditions and horse-sized ducks.

loaded: You’ve posed as a loaded cover star before – any fond memories from that particular experience?

Sugden: I have indeed. Aww I loved all my loaded shoots. Loaded once took me to Magaluf to shoot with the inbetweeners one summer! That was pretty impressive. My fave shoot of all time is my Sharon Stone Loaded cover. I think it was such an iconic pic to have recreated. I actually have a humongous poster of it in a frame hanging at the top of my stairs at home.

loaded: We can see you’ve moved into sex toys, lingerie and bondage of late – what inspired that?

Sugden: Well, to cut a long story short, somebody tried to either prank me or humiliate me by scattering dildos and such all over my driveway and front lawn. In a quiet respectable neighbourhood this was highly embarrassing. To make matters even worse I had to go out and pick them all up, I was mortified. So I guess that planted the original seed, as over £500 worth of sex paraphernalia had been strewn over my garden. Expensive!  

So one thing led to another and I thought there must be a cheaper way of people being able to “enjoy” themselves, so did my research, and hey presto… I like to think I am one of the cheapest suppliers out there!

(I have also written a blog about Dildo Gate… and how ToolboxXx was made – The Making of ToolBoxXx – Dildo Gate)

The Obsessive Range Image Rhian Sugden/Instagram

loaded: Do you have a favourite lingerie item from your current range?

Sugden: I love the obsessive range! I am biased though because I am the face of the whole range and have been for over 10 years! I think it is reasonably priced and good quality. Don’t get me wrong it is no Agent Provocateur but it is all beautifully made, stylish and sexy. What more do you need?

loaded: What’s the best purchase for anyone looking to get into bondage?

Sugden: I actually get a lot of emails asking this question. There is a lot more to bondage than you may think so it depends on what type of bondage you want to get into.

The BDSM starter kit is always a good starting point, which has the blindfold, a small whip, rose petals  -to spruce up the situation – and some bondage rope. 

Before you know it you will be opening all kinds of fantasies and will embark upon the 50 shades Darker range that I also stock. All of the Fifty Shades Pleasure Collection sells so well! You can start minimal with Christian Greys tie as a restraint, all the way upto Anabelles favourite whip and butt plug. 

loaded: Can you tell us, once and for all, whether you will be going back to Celebrity Big Brother?

Sugden: Unfortunately this isn’t something I have the answer too. I wouldn’t rule it out. 

“If I could be an animal for a day I would be a Komodo dragon”

loaded: What would you do differently if you did get another crack at CBB?

Sugden: If I ever got the chance to go back in all I could do is be myself.  The time I was in back in 2012 I went in with a secret boyfriend and got wrapped up in a bit of a flirtathon – unintentionally. I think that had a huge hindrance on my time in there as I was effectively living a lie the whole time.

Also in my “older” age I have started to lose my patience easily, I watched my series back and I want to strangle myself for not sticking up for myself and drifting into the background. Plus having to deal with A LOT of stress and drama of late I think I am a little feistier. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. Anyway who knows what the future holds.

loaded: You’ve appeared in a couple of films in the past – any plans to return to the silver screen? 

The last high profile casting I had was for the part of CJ for Baywatch the movie. It was safe to say I absolutely fluffed it. It was a last minute call and I had to read a script in a Californian accent. I sounded more Irish that Californian. However there are some things coming up that have shown an interest in me – so again, I will have to wait and see what happens.

loaded: If you could be any animal for just a day, what would it be and why?

Sugden: If I could be an animal for a day I would be a Komodo dragon. Nobody messes with a Komodo dragon. I might get left alone for a day or two! Haha

Or maybe a pig, I hear scientists have found pigs have 30minute orgasms! That would be a right treat wouldn’t it. 

Rhian Sugden Image Rhian Sugden/Instagram

loaded: You’re a DJ in your spare time – what’s your go-to dancefloor filler?

Sugden: I am not a DJ I am not too sure why my Wikipedia lies about this. I have DJd twice in my whole life and both times was with a ghost DJ. So that doesn’t really count.

loaded: Say someone was looking to score a date with you – what’s the best way of wooing Rhian Sugden?

Sugden: Humour. Got to have a good sense of humour. I used to be so shallow when I was younger and it would be all about good looks and chiselled muscles. Not anymore. If a guy can make me laugh and feed me pizza, I am one happy lady.

loaded: Do the public really know the real Rhian Sudgen? What are your hobbies?

Sugden: I don’t think they do no. A lot of the public just believe everything they read, which doesn’t even skim the surface of my real life. I quite like that though, it keeps me grounded knowing that I effectively have two lives. A persona and the real me.

I could say I do really awesome things here like rock climbing, deep sea fishing and paraglide every weekend. Unfortunately, none of those things are true.

I like to hang out with friends, drink, all the usual hobbies. I volunteer at an abandoned animal sanctuary in my spare time which I love, and I shop far too much online! Also dabbling in a bit of photography but not as a career move, I just like taking awesome pics of my pets!

#Frankfurter #sausagedog #daschshund ❤

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loaded: Which would you rather fight: one horse-sized duck or 10 duck-sized horses?

Sugden: A horse sized duck! Pathetically I have looked into this hypothetical fight before! (loser) A horse sized duck wouldn’t be able to fly as the wings would have to be 100 times larger to lift something of such size. So its flight path is already down.

Plus, a duck bill isn’t sharp. It would only be able to pick me up and dunk me but hopefully this fight wouldn’t be near a pond.

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