Revisiting Faceparty: The Social Network Fusing Facebook And Tinder

Back at the turn of the millennium, this social media site was all the range

Faceparty Image Faceparty

Long before Mark Zuckerberg dreamed up Facebook and right-swiping on Tinder became a thing, there existed a social network that was the perfect collision of the two: Faceparty.

When it first launched, Faceparty had the appearance of a pretty simplistic version of Facebook.

It had the same blue and white colour scheme for starters, while the site’s logo, a cute looking head, wearing a bobble hat, was inoffensive enough.

The format, meanwhile, had more than a hint of MySpace to it, with users given a profile page complete with bio and, as time went on, the capacity to write their own blog.

As with Tinder, however, looks remained important and for Faceparty, forging relationships often depended on the quality of pictures uploaded to each profile.

The Faceparty
Faceparty What a happy little guy Image Faceparty

It was nevertheless a notable success after its early 2000 launch, throwing lavish star-studded parties for members that culminated in one almighty blow-out in 2003, after the company recruited its millionth user.

At one point the company even boasted lavish London-based offices, with non-PC entrances for “Sluts” and “Virgins”.

As time went on, however, things began to change both on and away from the site.

With Faceparty increasingly reliant on images, the website began to attract more of a niche clientele with interesting sexual proclivities.

At the same time, the website took steps to safeguard users against sexual predators, with a rule banning anyone over the age of 36 from use.

Faceparty headquarters Wow


At the same time, users began to take note of other social media platforms, that relied less on people uploading eye-catching selfies and the like – though that element still remains to some extent.

Now, a glimpse at the user profiles offered up paints its own picture.

Here’s what sabrina90x had to say about herself in the site’s “In my own words” section:

“Back here for a some time got skype so ask and if im interested i give it too digusting guys please so still get rude messages..stop guys please know you’re horny and never seen a girl and stop about your 12 inch 1 in here has it like that.and i wont peein anyones mouth so dont bother asking.i reply only to normal people if there are any in here.and hope no ones is a dickhead like scottwalters”

tomc, a male user who hopefully doesn’t fall in with Scott Walters, also offered the following insight in the site’s “In A Perfect World…” section:

“Money growing on tress for everyone!”

Increasingly a site for guys and girls seeking meaningless hook-ups, there’s even an adult verification service which, for just £12.95 a month, lets users over the age of 18 “photography and strong language (otherwise unsuitable for minors).”

Once considered the fore-runner to Facebook, something tells us Mark Zuckerberg won’t be turning to the lucrative online market for dick pics any time soon, but it’s fascinating to see how the site has changed sinces its heyday.

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