Retro gaming classic Sensible Soccer is returning under a new name

An apt title for the social media age.

Sensible Soccer rebooted as Sociable Soccer
Reboot Sensible Soccer is returning in the guise of Sociable Soccer. Image Picture

Gamers of a certain age will fondly remember an addictive football game responsible for many a happy lost hour.

We’re not talking about FIFA 96, Championship Manager or even the original Pro Evolution Soccer. No, the game is Sensible Soccer, a top-down footy sim that boasted a screamingly intense commentary from Jonathan Pearce.

Now, the original’s creator Jon Hare is behind a follow-up titled Sociable Soccer.

Hare revealed plans for the game at the end of last year and, despite not making his £300,000 Kickstarter goal (what’s wrong with you, internet?!), development is continuing at full speed.

“For years I have been planning the spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer,” Hare said. “Competing with FIFA and PES requires much more than just a remake, it needs a different take on football games altogether, blending the instant playability of yesteryear with the power of modern technology.”

Sociable Soccer will be all about gameplay and multiplayer, with new features including VR support through to ‘Play as a God’ mode and wide-ranging options with camera angles.

If you don’t fancy 3D, though, don’t worry – that good old-fashioned Sensible lo-fi approach will still be present and correct.

The trailer above offers a taste of what the game will look like in top-down mode.

Sociable Soccer will be released in early 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android. We can not wait.

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