Reporter Gets Vomited On During Drinking Competition Live Broadcast

Thousands of beer-swilling blokes on live TV: what could possibly go wrong?

Vomit inducing This is seriously gross Image YouTube

A news reporter in the US is cursing the decision to front a segment broadcast live from a beer-drinking competition after getting soaked in some rather disgusting looking beer-based vomit.

KLTA’s Wendy Burch was covering the Ironman drinking competition when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Burch was interviewing an inebriated contestant at the time of the incident, which was captured on camera for all the world to see.

In handy turn of events, the moment of puke-led impact was left frozen on the screen for a few seconds following a technical glitch, though Burch was somewhat less fortunate.

Worse still, there is a growing suspicion online that the vomit may have been deliberate, given that the man Burch was interviewing at the time of the incident already had the words “puke here” written on his back.

While the live broadcast moved away from the scene, Burch continued to report from the competition where she went on to be engulf in some more, equally mysterious beer-based fluids, which were apparently flying through the air as the boozing continued.

By the end, she was something of a mess and headed home for a long hot shower and some well earned rest.

Always drink in moderation, folks.

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