REPORT: UFC 200 headliner could be out of main event

Jose Aldo was due to fight Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar UFC
No number 1s plese Frankie looks on to contemplate not being ab Image Photo Dondi Swamston

According to Brazilian media, Jose Aldo is a major doubt for UFC 200 after reports emerged that Aldo has injured himself in training for his bout with Frankie Edgar.

Combate News posted on Facebook: “Many are asking about the possible damage to the Aldo. There is still no nothing official but that rumour is getting stronger. It may be that Jose Aldo has injured himself and is out of the fight against Frankie Edgar In UFC 200.”

If the rumour proves to be true it could open the door for Conor McGregor to be drafted in to defend his Featherweight belt against Frankie Edgar, the Irish brawler was previously pulled from the card after he failed to do media duties prior to his match with Nate Diaz. 
McGregor defeated Jose Aldo last Christmas for the Featherweight title and since then has failed to defend the belt with Aldo and Edgar due to meet to decide who will be number one contender. 
The alternative to McGregor is Max Holloway facing Frankie Edgar. 
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