Here’s how much it would cost to rent Monica’s apartment from Friends

We all fell in love with Monica's apartment. But could you afford to rent it?

Could you live here? Well, you would need to earn a pretty penny Image Warner Bros.

Monica’s beloved apartment became the home to many a great Friends moment throughout the course of the show. 

Hearts were broken, new loves were found and laughs were had. But have you ever wondered how much an apartment like hers would cost to rent?  

Well the guys at The New York Post worked out that the infamous apartment in West Village would cost at least $4,500 a month today, which seems like a lot.

And that’s mainly because it is a lot. As the New York Post explains: 

“Given Monica’s profession as a chef, Rachel’s as a waitress and, later, a junior buyer and Joey’s as an out-of-work actor and odd jobs doer, it’s safe to assume they could never afford prices for a pad that spacious if they were paying market rent.”

The news provider’s extensive analysis of the popular sitcom characters’ dwellings does not end there either:

(It’s understood that Monica took on her grandma’s rent-controlled status, but Joey and Chandler wouldn’t have such breaks.) Chandler’s job in IT probably helped boost their collective incomes, but if they were to rent the same spaces today, at least one “Friend” would definitely need a guarantor.” 

Hmmm, a guarantor. Maybe they could enlist the ugly naked guy from across the way. Or there is Gunter….yeah let’s just go with the naked guy.

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