Relive the incredible Icelandic commentary that greeted their Euro 2016 winner

It’s fair to say this commentator was happy with Iceland’s 94th minute goal.

Iceland erupts But can anyone match this commentator's reaction?

Social media has gone into overdrive after footage emerged of an Icelandic commentator’s near-orgasmic reaction to Arnor Traustason’s late winner against Austria.

England fans rarely get treated to the kind of near-hysteric reaction that regularly greets goals in both Europe and South America.

Part of the problem is that us English are quite reserved while another part of the problem is that England aren’t very good.

There’s also the continued presence of Jonathan Pearce on the BBC commentary team – a man who greets almost any exciting incident in a game with one of his trademark Robot Wars bouts of bellowing.

Thank goodness then for Iceland and local commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson, who was sent delirious by the late goal.

With the commentator appearing to lose his voice and go a bit high pitched at the end, the reaction was oddly reminiscent of Gary Neville’s response to Fernando Torres’ late goal for Chelsea against Barcelona in the semi-finals of the 2012 Champions League.

Neville may well have had a similar reaction to the goal too, given that it resulted in England playing Iceland rather than Portugal – a team the Three Lions have failed to beat at a major tournament since winning the World Cup in 1966.

Iceland may prove a tricky proposition in themselves, but for now let’s all just bask in the fact neither of us are among the unlucky eight teams to be heading home at this stage.

Or Scotland, of course.

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