This Red Dwarf Lego set is smegging fantastic

Lego Ideas gets an impressive submission.

Red Dwarf Lego
Red Dwarf Lego Get a smegging look at this. Image Picture Lego Ideas

Red Dwarf was one of the greatest sitcoms of the 90s, and it’s poised to return for an 11th series on Dave later this year.

Before that fans of all things smeg-related might be able to get their hands on their very own Red Dwarf brick set, courtesy of Lego Ideas and Bob’s Vintage Lego.

The concept behind Lego Ideas is a fairly straightforward one: builders present their ideas, either through real models or CGI renderings, and anyone who gets 10,000 votes goes to the Lego board for review.

This has led to everything from a Back to the Future DeLorean set to a Ghostbusters Ecto-1 going into official production.

Now the Red Dwarf Lego Ideas set is the latest hot ticket in town, with more than 6,000 supporters at the time of writing (August 3) with 663 days left to secure the 10,000 it needs.

The set features Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer, Cat, android Kryten and the titular ship’s computer system Holly. There’s also bonus characters in the form of Ace Rimmer and Daune Dibbley, plus a walking Blue Midget model to boot.

“With continuity itself being a running joke on the show, I have decided to use this to my advantage and create a truly unique set, which uses the best aspects from across all the seasons,” Bob wrote on the Lego Ideas page.

“The RED crew quarters décor from season X, the Holly Hop Drive from season II, the space craft Blue Midget and the male incarnation of Holly.”

It even has support from the official Red Dwarf website, so the chances of it happening are pretty smegging strong.

Head to the Lego Ideas Red Dwarf page here to lend your support.

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