Rebecca & Fiona: “Sexuality Is A Part Of Everything”

The dance pop duo from the country that brought us ABBA and Ace of Base speak out.

Swedish dance duo Fiona & Rebecca.
Fiona & Rebecca The Swedish dance duo who like to party.

Swedish dance music duo Rebecca and Fiona first meeting was like something out of a movie: the pair locking eyes at a busy party back in 2007 and immediately striking up a rapport some would call rare but they would call something else.

“When we met it was love at first sight,” Fiona tells loaded, some nine years, two albums and countless EPs and a few awards in their native Sweden.

“There was a very intense feeling and we became best friends immediately. We’ve been with each other every day since.”

Swedish pop duo Rebecca & FionaThick as thieves ever since, the house duo have just released an EP, Party Hard, with lead single Shotgun, described by Rebecca as a “hard, electronic ballad with an important message.”

“It’s about empowerment, destructive relationships and the importance of getting out while you can,” Fiona adds.

For Rebecca & Fiona, this message of empowerment appears not too dissimilar to the idea of “Girl Power” first promoted by the Spice Girls, something they are only too aware of.

“We deliberately released the EP on the 20th anniversary of the Spice Girls debut album,” Rebecca explains.

Have things changed for the better for women in the music industry in the 20 years since? The Scandinavians seem to think so – in some ways, at least.

“We have gotten closer to living in a more equal society but there is a lot still to fix,” Fiona admits.

“A lot has happened since the 90s especially in the music industry. Being a woman back then must have been fucking bad.”

Fiona & Rebecca
Provocative Fiona & Rebecc Image Rebecca & Fiona/Instagram

“In those days, women were mostly seen as sex objects,” Rebecca adds. “It was only men doing all the mixing, producing and songwriting. It’s not equal yet but it’s better”

Not that the Swedish duo’s influences are only women – or super cool for that matter.

“We love ABBA and feel inspired by them and their heritage,” Fiona admits “We get tired of being compared to other females – we’re the new Bjorn and Benni!”

Quite what Bjorn and Benni would make of their Instagram antics, however, is unclear with the pair’s recent postings including one rather provocative kiss between the two of them which looks, intense to say the least.

Apparently, it was just as intense in real life though.

Rebecca & Fiona kissing.
The Kiss A step too far? Image Rebecca & Fiona/Instagram

“It was just because we feel extremely happy and in love,” Fiona explains of the image in question.

“We’ve been trying to release this music for a long time and are in a good place and a little bit in love.”

Not that the pair are apologising for, quite literally, embracing their sexuality

“Sexuality is a part of everything we do and it’s hard to escape,” Rebecca tells us. “Music is life and it’s hard to separate it from life.”

Part of the next wave of EDM stars making waves in Europe, the pair could soon be back in the UK – well, if they get their way, at least.

“We love England for it’s fish and chips and its beer,” Rebecca admits.

“Yeah, when we are in England we love to go to all the amazing pubs and drink their beer. It’s just a country with a great vibe – especially when it comes to music.”

Fingers crossed Party Hard proves popular – then the drinks will be on them.

Rebecca & Fiona’s latest EP, Party Hard, is out now.

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