Rebecca & Fiona Return With “Best F*cking Christmas Song Ever!”

The Swedish EDM duo are confident “Cold As X-Mas” will fill you with festive cheer.

Rebecca & Fiona return.
Rebecca & Fiona return With a festive single

Scandinavian dance music Rebecca & Fiona are back with what they reckon is the “best f*cking Christmas Song ever”.

The EDM duo have enjoyed something of a year to remember, following a busy 12 months of touring and promotion for the recently released Party Hard EP.

Known extroverts who have been known to enjoy a drink – and even a kiss – or two together, their festive effort represents something of a departure from their usual fare.

Gone are the up tempo beats and in comes a slower, more thoughtful effort from the pair that will warm the cockles as well as the heart at this busy time of year.

Fiona and Rebecca get festive.
Fiona and Rebecca Get Festive

Essentially a ballad reflecting on fonder times while under the Northern Lights, the duo are about as excited as a 10-year-old boy on Christmas eve when it comes to their festive release.

“After a day playing around in the studio with our team, we suddenly realized that we had made the best fucking Christmas song ever! It is an ambient ballad that we both feel very strongly about, musically and emotionally,” the twosome said.

“This release is our gift to all of you who stuck with us this year, through our changes in genres and through our first live tour. You were with us all the time, and we wish you a great holiday season and a Happy New Year! We love you.”

Available to listen now, the single faces a battle to reach the top of the festive charts, with the eventual winner of the current series of The X Factor the favorite for top spot come December 25.

Still, loaded knows which song it prefers…

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