This Is The Scientific Reason Stepping On Lego Hurts Like Hell

Worst. Pain. Ever.

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They say the worst pain you can ever experience is a broken heart… But anyone who believes that has clearly never stepped on Lego in bare feet.

It usually happens in the middle of the night, when you wander to the bathroom in your birthday suit. It’s dark, you’re half-awake, and you invariably end up stepping on a piece of Lego fire truck.

The pain is right up there with stubbing your toe – even the hardest guy will crumple like a tired toddler. But have ever wondered why it hurts so much?

Thankfully, Simon Whistler has created a new video for his YouTube page Today I Found Out, which perfectly breaks down the science behind the unbelievable pain.

It turns out the specific shape of the Lego brick, combined with the sensitivity of a human foot combine to create a perfect storm of toy-based anguish.

“The answer partially lies in how insanely sensitive to pressure, pain and practically everything our [feet] actually are. The soles of our feet are some of the most sensitive parts of the human body, right up with our lips, genitals, eyes and hands.”

LEGO Image Getty Images

Combine that sensitivity with a sharp-edged block of yellow plastic, and you’re in pain central.

So, next time you stand on Lego, you’ll know the exact reason it hurts so much, not that that’ll be much comfort to you…

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