A tech company is building real-life Transformers

Transformers, roll out...

Letrons Transformers in real life
Letrons The car that's just like a real-life Transformer. Image Letvision

A technology firm has just made all your Transformers dreams a reality.

Letvision, based in Ankara, Turkey, has developed fully-functioning transforming robots based on a BMW 3 series.

Dubbed Letrons, the prototype is put into action in a series of demonstration videos showing in unfold from its red car form into a standing robot.

Not only that, but its head swivels, it flexes its limbs then collapses back into car form and drives off.

Is this all one big fake? The eagle-eyed among you might be searching for the CGI joins, but it all appears to be one seamless transformation and looks pretty genuine.

Further models are reportedly on the way under the names Bizmut, Argon, Wolfram, and Tantal, although no price tags have been revealed yet for the motor-robots.

Expect them to be expensive… and quite possibly experience a tricky ride to commercial production if BMW and Hasbro lawyers cast their eyes over this video.

Watch the Transformers style Letrons in action:

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