The ‘Real-Life’ Inspiration for Stranger Things May Be Even Freakier Than The Show

Is the hit Netflix sci-fi series may be more science-fact than science-fiction?

Stranger Things posterEven the poster for Stranger Times is an 80s homage. Image Picture Netflix

Everybody loves Stranger Things, the 80s-set Netflix sci-fi series about a group of kids who befriend a young girl with psychokinetic powers being pursued by shady government agents.

What many fans may not realise, however, is that there may be more truth to the idea of top secret state-funded projects of this sort than initially thought. When the series Stranger Things was first floated, it had the title “Project Montauk” a reference to a supposedly real-life covert government facility in Long Island, New York.

Stories concerning the facility have been circulating since the 1980s. They claim it was set up for the development of advanced psychological warfare techniques and experiments in areas like time travel. Child runaways were supposedly used as human test subjects in these covert experiments.

Christopher Garetano, a filmmaker who has explored the myth of Project Mautauk for some time, told the New York Post: “After World War II, the United States recruited Nazi scientists and used them for a variety of things, to develop weaponry and technology.”

These scientists were then recruited to work at Camp Hero in Montauk, where they supposedly conducted a series of frightening and illegal undocumented experiments. Or so the story goes.

Matthew Modine and Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things
Papa Matthew Modine and Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things. Image Picture Netflix

Few in the way of any reliable accounts of these alleged experiments actually exist. The only man to come forward so far is Preston Nichols and his claims are dubious at best.

Born in Long Island back in the 1940s, Nichols holds degrees in Parapsychology, psychology and electrical engineering.

His involvement in Project Mautack apparently began back in 1968, initially working on the stealth research responsible for the infamous “Philadelphia Experiment” another hotly contested conspiracy theory claiming the US experimented using stealth technology on a boat with horrific results.

From there he was apparently recruited to work on a mind sciences project there. These including the development of a special interface capable of linking up a person’s mind with a computer and in the training of the “Montauk Boys” to be “PSI Warriors.”

Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things
Eleven Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things. Image Picture Netflix

According to the website, Nicolas and his team also developed subtle quantum fields to read people’s minds. Using something supposedly dubbed the Montauk chair, scientists were also able to apparently open time travel vortexes.

Is any of this to be taken as fact though? Probably not. Nicols is one of the only people to come forward with these outlandish claims and has claimed on several occasions that many of the details have been “erased” from his mind.

It is entirely believable that the government had an experiment facility out there but quite what they were doing there is anyone’s guess. But that’s half the fun with this stuff.

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