The real-life Ouija board horror stories of Reddit

Ahead of the release of Ouija: Origin of Evil, loaded explores 10 real-life Ouija experiences.

Ouija: Origin is the follow up to 2014's Ouija.
Ouija 2 Sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction. Image Universal.

Ouija boards probably seem fairly harmless in this modern technological era but you only have to look at Reddit to realise it was never just a game.

Nearly as old as time itself, the Ouija board has a history dating back to 1100 AD China and, in 2016, continues to provide scares aplenty of any who dare attempt to communicate with the dead.

Film fans will get a reminder of these dangers this month, with the release of Ouija: Origin of Evil but, in the meantime, loaded thought it best to crank up the scares with a few real-life Ouija board horror stories taken straight from the pages of reddit.



The Warning


“Mum and her friend played a ouija board, they were warned someone was going to be hurt, I end up almost getting killed by a car the next morning.”


Dark Secrets


“My friend got very angry when we would play the board. He would never particpate but it would always tell him dark secrets about his family that would always turn out to be true. They are terrifiying, no one was related to him so how would we know the way his grand dad died. (Shot himself in barn, was discovered by uncle)”


Never Before


“When my grandmother passed away years ago, all of her kids helped cleaned out the house. When we got to the game closet, we found an old ouija board. This thing looked ancient. As a kid I would go to the game closet all the time and never saw this before. When we showed my aunt she went white in the face and said they had thrown it out when they were in their teens because my gram “would have nothing of the sort.”We tossed it in the trash fire and never saw it again.”


Watching On


“I was staying with a friend of mine (Kyle) through most of high school and one night we got on the topic of Ouija boards. After a bit of a good conversation the board starts giving us broken clues, strange ones. First it spells out our friends name, and then his girlfriend. And then jealous, and then sex. Being somewhat confused, I decide to give our friend a phone call, and sure enough, he had just finished having sex with his girlfriend. Needless to say we found out that the board was jealous of our friend because of how he treated his girlfriend and whatever “spirit” we found wanted her for itself.”


A Friend


“In the 8th grade I would play with my Ouija board alone in my room at night. I had conversations with a spirit named Kat, and I left her an offering one night. It was about 1 AM during the summer when I finished talking to Kat, and I put a little bowl of potato chips on my dresser and told her she could have them if she was hungry. I woke up early the next morning after only a few hours of sleep to find that the bowl was empty. I’m a light sleeper and no one entered my room between 1 AM and 6 AM while I was asleep.”


The Sign


“My kids and I had used the board at a sleepover one of my girls had and we were getting remarkable results. The girls were using it and I was writing things on a piece of paper and the board was telling what I had written. The next day we had a house full of kids because the neighbor kids think of this as a second home. We were talking about the Ouija results the night before and how we think this house is haunted. I said there was one way to find out for sure and said loudly ” If there is a Spirit present please give a sign now”. With that barely out of my mouth the lid on a jewelry box on a dresser next to the bed started banging up and down. There was a mad rush for the door.”


Any Spirits


“We were very young, probably under 10. I was at a friend’s birthday party and like 5 of us decided to take out her ouija board. I am also gonna mention that she lived in an old house that had been remodeled and we were in the basement. We asked the usual stuff “is there any spirits in here?” and it pointed to yes and then it spelled out the name “Kate”. We got super freaked out and started like just backing away slowly from the board when suddenly like 4 balloons that were tied around the room all popped at once on their own. So we shit our pants and ran upstairs. To this day none of us could explain that, not a single balloon had burst that whole day and they were the helium kind and they were not touching anything that could have popped them.”


Haunted House


“Our house is haunted, like legitimally haunted. I have to note that we live next to the town graveyard. We preceded to ask it (with Ouija) questions. All we got out of it was jumbled numbers and letters and two actual answers. That it was not a human spirit but that it was protecting us and the house. We asked if it wanted to be left alone, it said yes, we asked it it wanted to talk the next day, it said yes. So we said our goodbyes and left it alone. Ever since then, my boyfriend has been seeing a shadow person/figure everytime something bad is about to happen. For example, I lost my food card a couple of days ago, our only method of eating. The day before he saw the figure in a very clearly defined shape of a man.


The Clue


“I used to play Ouija with my friend in high school. We set it up, and asked the usual questions: is there anybody here? Yes. What is your name? J.A.C.K. Then, she got this weird look on her face. She very quickly said “goodbye” and put the board away and started sobbing inconsolably. She managed to stop crying. She took a deep breath, and noticeably steadying her voice, asked, “Jack, are you still there?” Y.E.S. “If this is the person I’m thinking of, give me a clue that only you and I will recognize.” The planchette moved to the numbers 1, 9, 7, 7. She let out a little gasp! She then asked if he had a message for us. The planchette started moving more and more slowly with every letter, but eventually spelled out: “B. E. L. I. E. V. E….I…N………G………O………..D.” She said thank you, and goodbye, and ran downstairs. There, she told me of her ex boyfriend, Jack, who had started a 1977 Punk Revival band with her. And about how he had ODed on heroin three years earlier.”


Making Contact


“Spent a couple of summers at an old rectory that was rumored to be haunted by a chaplain that lived there long ago. Due to this rumor about the haunting, we decided to try to communicate through a homemade ouija board. One of kids that we did had these sessions with, had a grandmother that was newly deceased who used to spend a lot of time on this place. She convinced us to try to make contact with her grandmother. So at the next session we asked if her grandma was present and got the yes. We then asked if she was nearby and also got the yes. So we asked for a sign. After a short while, we heard the sound of someone in wooden clogs coming up the stairs, and about halfway up the stairs, a hoarse voice calling out this girls name, and at the end, the steps stop right outside the door. Suddenly the girl sitting closest to the door start hyperventilating and tears fills her eyes. I suddenly felt something touch my shoulders. It wasn’t completely like the physical touch of a human, but it definitely was something that put weight on my shoulders. I of course freeze and start hyperventilating at the shock of something unknown touching me. Then the door suddenly opens, we all jump into all corners of the room trying to hide. Luckily, this is one of the parents, who at a earlier point claimed to be a medium of some sort helped us end the session, and nothing more happened, except that we were all scared as shit that night.”

Ouija: Origin of Evil is in cinemas now and comes highly recommended.

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