This real-life Lego figurine will scar you for life

Pure nightmare fuel, this.

Real-life Lego man
Nightmare fuel This real-life Lego man will haunt you for life. Image Picture Tested

If you’ve ever wondered what a live-action Lego movie would look like then today’s your lucky day.

Unfortunately, it’s the stuff of your worst nightmares. The team from Tested put together a life-size costume comprised of sculpted Lego mask (all dead black eyes, hairless head and flappy haw) and flipper-like hands to replicate the classic minifigure look.

Project creator Frank Ippolito took to the floor at Comic-Con 2016 to get a reaction from the assembled crowds of superfans.

“I originally thought about doing this as make-up, but I think we found a good way to do it,” said  Ippolito. “It’s a nice, big, heavy 14-pound mask. I’m sure we’ll have heat problems and these eyes will be tricky to see out of.”

Dubbed ‘Creepyfig’, the horrific creation left many onlookers slack-jawed in amazement.

Watch the entire Creepyfig video below…

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