Breaking Bad hits Yorkshire for real

A Walter Smith wannabe has been arrested in Wakefield after he was overcome by fumes whilst attempting to cook crystal meth in his kitchen.

Lee Clark was a real-life Walter Smith in Wakefield – Loaded
‘All Hail The King’ Lee Clark of Wakefield didn’t have quite the same success as Breaking Bad’s Walter Smith in his real-life DIY drug production. Image Photo Sony Pictures Television

In a scene straight out of Breaking Bad, a cack-handed crystal meth cook has been busted trying to produce the drug in his kitchen in Wakefield.

Police were alerted to Lee Clark’s address in West Yorkshire when he nearly blacked out from the fumes and huge clouds of white smoke were seen billowing from his flat’s windows in a scene straight out of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s season one antics.

Clark was jailed for 18 months at Leeds Crown Court after pleading guilty to attempting to produce a Class A drug.

The court heard that 42-year-old Clark’s flat was filled with items often used for the “Shake and bake” or “One pot” method of producing crystal meth – including sulphuric acid, batteries, bottles, drain cleaner, tablets, face masks and rubber gloves.

Sound familiar?

Lee Clark was a real-life Walter Smith in Wakefield – Loaded
DIY meth lab Image Photo Sony Pictures Television

When police officers searched the rest of his flat, they also found bags of amphetamines worth £7,600. Clark also pleaded guilty to possessing a Class B drug with intent to supply.

Prosecutor Mehran Nassiri said: “One of the men had claimed that they had been trying to make ‘Bubble Hash’ – but it was clear that attempts were being made to produce methamphetamine.

“Had Clark been successful, he would have produced five grams. Clearly he wasn’t, and it seems that everything went wrong.”

A recent Home Office survey suggested that the success of Breaking Bad has made crystal meth more fashionable in Britain, as usage of the drug has been on the rise. There were 25,000 estimated users in 2015, compared to 17,000 in 2014. So Clark’s bust could be the tip of the iceberg of Walter Smith wannabes starting up over here.

Loaded suggests you grab yourself a copy of the Breaking Bad box-set instead and leave the science to the scriptwriters. Crystal meth isn’t great for your complexion, after all.

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