World’s First ‘Iron Man’ Style Exoskeleton Suit Has Arrived

It’s like a real-life version of Tony Stark’s tech. Except with built-in flame throwers.

The Badjo Suit Iron Man, eat your heart out

If you’ve ever wanted to own your very own version of Tony Stark’s exoskeleton suit from the Iron Man movies, then we’ve got the Kickstarter for you.

It’s called the Badjo suit and to all intents and purposes it’s a real life version of the high-tech suit worn by the Marvel superhero.

Described by creators Badjo-T Industries as a “fully functional non lethal high-tech exoskeleton suit” in truth it’s got more in common with Tony Stark’s entirely fictional creation than you might have thought.

It’s all down to the suit’s fully customisable appearance which allows the prospective owners to include advanced features including everything from a wrist blade to a harpoon launcher and even a flame thrower. 

That’s right, a flame thrower. There’s also the option to distort your voice into something far more terrifying, while each suit lights up and features an almost unlimited number of options for those looking to get creative.

Best of all, every Badjo suit boasts an unique BackDoor system that allows the user, much like Iron Man, to escape from the confines of the exoskeleton at the touch of a button.

Other notable features include a temperature control system and lightweight design, with every exoskeleton weighing no more than 35Ibs.

Those lights

Better yet, there is the option to include voice activated shields, a fully-functioning and customisable helmet design and steam-powered weaponry options for those seeking a little more bang for their buck.

At the moment, however, the Badjo Suit is still something of a pipedream, with the exoskeleton system’s creators seeking an initial $15,000 in funding over the next month through Kickstarter.

So if you fancy owning your very own version of the Tony Stark classic, with a voice activated flame thrower thrown in for good measure, now is your chance.

Flame on This is epic

Just don’t expect any quick-fire quips to come with it – those are exclusively the property of Marvel and Robert Downey Jr.

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