How Nicolas Cage are you? Rate your scream with the Nic Cage Rage Page

This is what the internet was invented for.

Image Warner Bros.

Over the course of a thirty-year career Nicolas Cage has developed the most distinctive acting style in Hollywood, which involves a lot of screaming.

His constant bellowing and gurning which has led to him becoming the most memed actor on the internet, and now a hilarious new site has been set up that lets fans compare their own screams to the great man’s.

So, how cage are you? Head to the Nic Cage Rage Page, shout at your screen and rate yourself against the Con-Air star to find out.

A message on the site reads: “Every day you look in the mirror. You look and wonder: How Cage am I?

How Nic Cage are you?
How Nic Cage are you? Rate your scream on a scale of 1 to Cage Image

“When push comes to shove, when shit hits the fan, could you do it? Could you Rage Like Cage?

It continues: “Thankfully, we can finally answer that question. This right here is the Nic Cage Rage Page. It’ll show you what kinda Cage you rage at. Just click the button, and all your questions will be answered.”

The world can never have enough Cage – even if he isn’t bothered about making good films anymore

Need some inspiration? Watch a supercut of all Cage’s screamiest moments below:

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