Ranking Will Smith’s singles from worst to best

Big Willie Style has been a bit quiet on the music front of late but we remember.

Will Smith in Wild Wild West
Jim West. Desperado. Will Smith in 90s flop Wild Wild West. Image Picture Warner Bros

Though it might seem hard to believe now, there was a time when Will Smith ruled in the pop charts and the box office.

Something of an American version of Dennis Waterman, he often would “write the theme tune, sing the theme tune” to pretty much any movie he appeared in – and that’s before we get to his work on The Fresh Prince.

With that in mind, it’s high time someone revisited his singles and decided once and for all – which is the best?

Disclaimer: This countdown does not include songs created during the Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff era and any on which Will features as a guest artist.


1000 Kisses

There’s nothing about this ballad between two real-life lovers that isn’t icky. Smith probably still has nightmares about it.


Just Cruisin’

After the success of the Men In Black theme, Smith really was cruisin’ and this lazy, half-baked effort was the result. Life imitating art? We’re not sure his music is that deep.


Party Starter

No one in the history of partying has ever considered putting this song on as a party starter. The Will Smith equivalent of that awful song by P!nk.


Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head)

Not only was this a terrible follow-up to the original – much like the film itself – it is also came with the thinly-veiled threat/demand that we must all nod our heads.


Just the Two of Us

Helped by a well-produced Bill Withers sample, this song is a pleasant enough tribute to Smith’s other son, Trey. You know, the one who isn’t a complete twerp.


Freakin’ It

Will Smith hated swearing. He hated swearing so much, he came up will increasingly elaborate ways to avoid it and freakin’ hell did it work a treat.



It may be more Ford Fiesta than any proper sort of South American fiesta with ticker tape and hats and mad whistles but it’s still a pleasant enough accompaniment to an afternoon drive down the M4 Motorway.



Confusingly released in the months after his hit film Hitch came out, Switch apparently had no connection to the film with Smith seemingly ditching his penchant for producing passable movie soundtracks. Shame.


Will 2k

Keen to cash-in on the millennium in the most egotistical way possible, Big Will coined the term Will 2K, a phrase used be precisely no one, besides Smith, in the build up to the year 2000. Great Clash sample though.



Essentially a glorified advert for the Miami tourist board, Smith scores some points for the fact that a pre-fame Eva Mendes appears in the video.


Wild Wild West

Channelling the talents of Dru Hill into his second best movie soundtrack was always a smart move and while the resulting film full of mechanical spiders, racism and disability jokes bombed, the song soared with Alfonso Ribeiro even popping up in the video.


Getting’ Jiggy wit It

If there was one thing Smith loved as a young man, it was shagging. Or as he put it: ‘Getting’ Jiggy wit it’. Even though he was a married man. With kids. And fans. And responsibilities. It has a good rap though.


Men In Black

Pure Will Smith perfection. This song had everything. A killer sample of Patrice Rushden’s Forget Me Nots, guest vocals from Coco of SWV and an alien dance off.

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