A Rambo Reboot Is Being Made WITHOUT Sylvester Stallone

Who will play the action hero now?

Sylvester Stallone as RamboImage TriStar Pictures

Action hero John Rambo is returning to the big screen in a new movie reboot, but it might not come as good news for fans of the series…

It’s been revealed that Sylvester Stallone will not be returning to the role in Rambo: New Blood, which is being developed by Nu Image and Millennium Films.

As The Hollywood Reporter reveals, a younger actor will be cast in the reboot of the classic 80s action movie.

Plot details and casting have yet to be announced, but the new-look movie is sure to divide fans of the series.

Stallone first appeared as the character in 1982 original First Blood, which took a closer look at the issues affecting Vietnam war veterans.

The actor also appeared in 1985’s First Blood Part II, 1988’s Rambo III and 2008 reboot Rambo.

Ariel Vromen will direct the new movie, while Brooks McLaren is on board to write the script.

It’s the second time Sly’s films have been in the news recently, after it was announced that Cliffhanger is being turned into a musical.

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