Rachel Riley Revealed Another Naughty Word On Countdown

This is dumb, juvenile and totally not news – but, dammit, we laughed.

Rachel Riley spells out erection on CountdownImage Picture ITV Studios/Channel 4

Countdown isn’t the sort of programme you usually associate with explicit language.

Firstly, it’s broadcast around tea time and secondly, it’s aimed squarely at your parents and grandparents who probably don’t care for that sort of thing before the watershed.

However, the long-running letters and numbers game show has been known to throw up the occasional rude word completely by chance over the years.

And despite numerous examples of the phenomenon arriving over the years, when a rude word does happen it’s still something of a treat for loaded.

Countdown presenter Rachel Riley

There’s just something quite amusing about seeing presenter Nick Hewer and co-host Rachel Riley try to hold back the smirks while spelling out something totally inappropriate put forward by a contestant in an attempt to score more points than there rival.

This week brought us another classic of the sub-genre, with Riley forced to spell out the word “squirt”.

There’s nothing particularly rude about the word “squirt” out of context of course. But try telling that to Riley, who struggled to hold back the laughter when the word popped up.

Rachel Riley on Countdown.

The Countdown star was so amused, in fact, she even took to Twitter to chronicle the incident for everyone to enjoy.

Riley’s place on Countdown has come under some scrutiny of late, with the Daily Mail reporting that the presenter could be axed as TV bosses look to follow the example set in the world of darts and Formula 1, where “pit girls” have recent been axed.

What this suggestion fails to take into account, of course, is that Riley is a mathematics graduate from Oxford University. She’s a very, very smart woman and she’s also a hugely popular part of the show.

Riley isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Not while there are rude words to be spelled and sums to do.

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