NSFW: The best of red-faced Rachel Riley on Countdown

The TV host has to spell out explicit words... again and again.

Rachel Riley spells out erection on CountdownImage Picture ITV Studios/Channel 4

Countdown might be best known as a student favourite, but it also happens to be a hotbed of smut, innuendo and school boy tittering.

That’s mainly due to co-host Rachel Riley, who’s job on the numbers and words board frequently throws up results that leave her blushing in embarrassment.

Riley is a whip-smart Oxford Mathematics graduate, but that doesn’t mean she’s exempt from cheap and silly gags. Take, for instance, the latest edition of Countdown, which saw Riley forced to spell out ‘bumhole’ by Dictionary Corner’s Susie Dent. That topped the previous longest word offering of ‘bulge’ from a similar letter spread.

“Bumhole? It’s going to be one of those days is it?” host Nick Hewer sighed, presumably like a frustrated headmaster unable to calm down his unruly kids.

This isn’t the first time poor Rachel Riley has been at the mercy of dirty minds. Here are five NSFW rude world highlights from Countdowns past.



“Unbelievable, Jeff!” So bad Rachel doesn’t even bother spelling it out on the board.



This isn’t the first “erection” to emerge from Countdown. It’s hard not to laugh. (Pipe down, you laughing at the back!)




“Dockage” and “dogface” triumphed with seven letters on this spread. However, that sly grin from Jeff Stelling tells us he’s got a certain six letters in mind instead.



“Let’s speed this along,” quips Rachel as five letters with no place on teatime Channel 4 TV crop up. “Brilliant!” exclaims Nick Hewer.



The latest offering is pretty tame by Countdown’s standards. Still, this is solid proof that Channel 4’s flagship quiz show is still capable of being as foul-mouthed as a Quentin Tarantino flick.

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