Questions remain over Jeremy Corbyn and what he voted for Brexit

This could be dangerous for Corbyn's leadership

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could be what Adam Curtis longs for
Brave new world Corbyn out? Image Picture Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

The aftermath of Brexit has swept across Westminster like a tidal wave that’s already claimed Prime Minister David Cameron as its most high-profile victim.

Not only that, but he’s being joined on the sidelines by the shadow government, with 40 Labour Party resignations at the time of writing.

Could Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn be next to fall on his sword? The no confidence motion is now being heightened by claims that Corbyn himself  may have voted to leave the EU – despite his party campaigning for Remain.

One of his former Shadow Cabinet ministers, Chris Bryant told the BBC, in quotes picked up by the Huffington Post , that he believed Corbyn voted to Leave. 

BBC presenter Jane Hill put the question to Bryant: “Did he tell you he had voted to Leave?”

Bryant replied: “He didn’t answer.”

Hill asked again: “You asked and he didn’t answer?

Bryant confirmed: “Yes.”

Corbyn’s spokespeople have refuted Bryant’s claims – stating that Corbyn tweeted his vote on the day of his campaign.

But after a lacklustre EU referendum campaign questions remain over Corbyn’s future as Leader and his refusal to tell Chris Bryant what way he voted.

Bryant has stated that if Corbyn had campaigned publicly for ‘Remain’ but voted ‘Leave’ in the privacy of the polling booth it would be a “betrayal of of Labour’s historical position on the EU”.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale meanwhile said the suggestion Corbyn may have voted ‘Leave’ “needs urgent clarification”.

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