Quentin Tarantino Targets Margot Robbie For Most Intense Movie Yet

The Pulp Fiction direction looks set to tackle the subject of the Charles Manson murders.

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Margot Robbie Did David Blaine read the Harley Quinn star's mind? Image ABC

Quentin Tarantino could be set for his toughest movie assignment yet – and he wants to bring Margot Robbie along for the ride.

Tarantino’s next movie looks set to be a drama focusing on the events surrounding the Manson Family murders.

The horrifying murder of Sharon Tate, the actress wife of director Roman Polanski, along with three of her friends at their Los Angeles home back in 1969 shocked the world at the time.

Tate was eight months pregnant at the time and died at the hands of members of a cult led by Charles Manson, who were subsequently arrested and jailed for the crimes.

A dark and horrifying chapter in Hollywood history, news of Tarantino’s possible film focusing on the events has not gone down well with some on Twitter who view it as insensitive.

However, a glut of A-list stars including Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence and Samuel L. Jackson are already being linked with the project.

Robbie, meanwhile, has been tapped up to play Tate according to Deadline, in a move that could cap off a pretty eye-catching roster of acting talent.

Quentin Tarantino directing Django Unchained
Lining up a shot Quentin Tarantino directing Django Unchained Image Picture The Weinstein Company

Whether that is able to distract from the horrifying true-life events set to be played out on screen, however, is another matter.

Manson, now 82, is serving a life sentence in a prison in California, having led the cultish commune known as “the Manson Family” in the 1960s, with the group convinced an apocalyptic race war was imminent prior to the murders that took place.

Tarantino could yet find the project blocked by studio bosses though, given the sensitive subject matter and the fact it is unlikely to be a major box office drawer.

Aquarius, a TV series starring David Duchovny, which focused on the murders, only ran for two series until being cancelled back in 2016.

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